About Us


noh – voh

– make new, renew, refresh, revive, restore, change

We commit to providing you with the highest quality phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil.

In order to ensure that you, our customers, receive the highest quality CBD products, we have partnered with the best cannabis suppliers in the world and the top Department of Agriculture registered hemp farms in North Carolina, Oregon and Colorado.

Feel the difference with our CBD oil.



1. Less than .3% THC – we offer full spectrum hemp oil that contains high levels of non-psychotropic cannabinoids and terpenoids which have a synergistic effect without high levels of THC.

2. 100% Organic – Environmentally friendly.

3No GMOs – This product does not contain genetically modified organisms.

4. Solvent Free 

5. Our Processes – The Extraction and purification processes used have been backed by rigorous testing to ensure that high levels of cannabinoids are present without unwanted levels of THC.

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*All of our CBD is procured from globalcannabinoids.io